About Us

Mindflow Media fuses the unique talents and energies of seasoned filmmakers and television industry veterans Dave Porfiri and Linda Duvoisin. Together, their diverse backgrounds combine in one dynamic company committed to delivering high-impact video solutions for corporate clients and powerful documentaries for national television audiences.

Our core creative team has a combined fifty years experience producing film and television content across a wide spectrum of projects – from Hollywood feature films to national advertising campaigns  to award-winning prime time TV documentaries.

Our expanded team of creative professionals includes seasoned editors, graphic designers, composers and sound engineers and adds decades more in experience. The unique creative backgrounds of Mindflow Media’s team distinguishes it from other production companies who specialize in corporate clientele. Our experience in film, television and related industries helps us bring a fresh and vibrant visual approach to both the routine and special video needs of corporate clients.

We think outside the box and bring an uncommon energy and enthusiasm to the table. we pride ourselves on delivering a quality project regardless of the budget, and we are eager to work with clients who share our goal of delivering strong, creative and effective video presentations.

Please let us know how we can help you with your next video project.